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Latest news...


There will not be an October meeting of the full Parish Council. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 16th November 2016 at 7.30pm in the Sports Pavilion.




The Parish Council intends to expand an existing Steering Group to develop last year's Housing survey into a focussed Neighbourhood Plan, and asks for volunteers to help with this important project. Membership of the Parish Council is not necessary!! The intention is to include as wide a cross-section of the parish as possible.

The group will be led by an experienced planning consultant and will need a Chairman, Secretary and Finance Officer. If you would like to help shape the village's future, please either email The Clerk or contact any Councillor. Thanks! 


These will be held on the 13th of July from 7pm; Planning and Full Parish Meeting



Results are now available for the Parish Council's 2015 Housing Survey. Things have changed slightly since the survey took place: for the updated postion concerning potential sites and to download the full results, please visit this page




Barcombe Cross is to have a minimum of 30 new homes between now and 2030. Why? Central Government requires all District Councils to find land for new houses, and the parish has been allocated that number.  So change is definitely coming.

The recent Housing Survey helped build a picture of the housing that Barcombe parish needs and wants. The Parish Council presented this evidence to Lewes District Council, and early in 2016 will use it to decide whether or not a statutory Neighbourhood Plan is required.

Over the last few years LDC has contacted landowners across all parishes in its area asking for land which might be suitable for housing. Barcombe Parish Council was not, and is not, part of the process. Of the sites offered in our parish, so far only those in one area (south and east of Hillside Nursuries) have met LDC's criteria. It is likely that LDC will formally allocate thes sites for housing during 2016/17. 

In principle the Parish Council is in favour of controlled growth, as it does not want Barcombe Cross to wither and die. We believe the parish needs starter homes, smaller family homes and homes to downsize to. We want the school, shops, churches, businesses and pubs to thrive, and we think that families and youngsters should be able to stay here if they wish. A flourishing population will keep the sports clubs, social clubs and activity clubs going, and maintain the existing well-run retained fire service.  For this to come about the community needs homes that people want and can afford.


Older news...

  • Landslip. Last winter's rain caused the repaired bank below the tennis courts to collapse again. A specialist has been engaged to implement a permanent fix.
  • Maps added. Find the existing Planning Boundary and Conservation Area maps for Barcombe Cross, plus the Barcombe Conservation Area map, here
  • How do crime levels in Lewes compare with those in other parts of the country? Statistics for the period April-August 2014 give an interesting snapshot: see them here
  • Tennis court field update. The new area is available for all to use. Please note — it is NOT a dedicated football or cricket pitch.
  • New housing in the village? To help clarify the position over any potential new housing in Barcombe Cross, the Parish Council has prepared a short note. Please download it here
  • Track crime. At police.uk you can search for a location and view limited detail of crimes committed in that area.
  • A report lays bare Barcombe's social and economic landscape. Learn more and download it here.
  • Check out a gallery of Diamond Jubilee pictures
  • Irritated by bird scarers? Download guidance from South Norfolk County Council
  • We have added the monthly crime report, complied by the Police Commumity Support Officer
  • ESCC's policy for local speed limits is in The Storeroom

Where we are. The parish includes Barcombe Cross, Barcombe Mills, Spithurst and Town Littleworth